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"Trapped in Plastic - Friends of Dorothy"

Limited to 30 copies, numbered and signed

Custom Framed


This airfix inspired print depicts the ‘Friends of Dorothy’, The Scarecrow, The Tinman & the Cowardly Lion from the characters from the much loved film & books, The Wizard of Oz, quite literally trapped in plastic.It has been printed in vivid pinks and reds then a gloss varnish has been silkscreened over the characters.

There are 2 other custom framed prints in this set. If you are interested in purchasing all 3 please contact us to discuss a special discount.


The Strange Case Company showcases the collective work of BAFTA and RSA award winning designers Jamie Durrant and Wayne Coley. Their imagery is defined by a modern, playful aesthetic.

The prints frequently take historical or easily recognizable objects as a starting point and overlay them with unexpected motifs, forcing the viewer to look again at visual tropes and what they represent. 

They are based in Brighton. Hove, Actually !!



Strange Case Company "Trapped in Plastic - Friends of Dorothy"

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