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We we born on Easter Sunday in 2016 with a Sell-out opening exhibition & tremendous llaunch Party at our home in The Street Bar in Edinburgh. Sponsored by the throbbingly lovely Cleo Roccas our official tequila is Aqua Riva and we celebrate every sale with a special shot!

Our collection is dedicated solely to "Street Art", in keeping with our namesake, and occupies a huge wall that dominates the catwalk style stairway between floors... providing a perfect multi-level viewing platform and great way to get up close and intimate with our art.

Curated by owner & dj, Trendy Wendy the project was born out of a personal love for the movement, a shopping addiction and a lack of wall space at home! She wanted to bring art to a new audience in a familiar setting without any stuffiness.

Its 100% FREE to browse AND all exhibits are for sale covering very wide price spectrum - within the reach of many customers - unlike many larger galleries.

This is quite possibly the only place you can "buy a Banksy with your beer"

0131 556 4272

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