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Tesco Value Petrol Bomb (2011)

Offset lithograph in colors on white satin paper 

Edition of 2000

Signed in plate on lower right

Custom frame


Tesco Petrol Bomb shows a lit petrol bomb in a brown Tesco bottle. The bottle has the well-known blue and white Tesco value label. The neck of the bottle is stuffed with a burning cloth. The label reads "Petrol Bomb." It's a show of support for those who were arrested during the 2011 Bristol riots. People were protesting the new Tesco Express that opened in the Stokes Croft area. The protests became violent and people were arrested. Banksy produced several prints for sale and donated the profits to those who need to pay for legal assistance. People were able to buy the posters exclusively at Bristol's Anarchist Bookfair days after the riots broke out. Tesco Petrol Bomb is also a symbol of the supermarket expansion. Supermarkets are detrimental to free markets as local shops are getting wiped out.

BANKSY  "Tesco Value Petrol Bomb"

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