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"Not Everything is So Black and White"

Lentucular 3d Postcard  (2016)

Signed on reverse


In handcrafted black gold frame with rebate shadow box. Unglazed.

Exterior size 28cm x 23cm x 6cm / window size 16cm x 11 cm

(Please be advised that this frame has been handcrafted and any imperfections are intended to add to it's character)



Eelus is a mysterious stencil artist. His work is often both beautiful and haunting, humorous and sinister, a daring mixture of light and dark. He’s a self taught artist specialising in papercut, screen print and stencil based works. From his studio in Brighton, UK, he keeps himself pretty busy under the watchful eye of Arty the dog!

Eelus "Not Everything is So Black and White"

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