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El Pez "Happy Fish"


Vinyl sticker mounted on light blue handcrafted frame. 

Exterior size 20cm x 17cm x 3cm / window size 11.5cm x 8.5cm (Please be advised that this frame has been handcrafted and any imperfections are intended to add to it's character). Unglazed.



El Pez (aka Jose Sabate) was born in 1976 in Barcelona, where he learned to paint and started doing graffiti, quickly developing his own characters and the “Barcelona Happy Style” – his signature aesthetic, instantly recognizable by way of his grinning, giddy fish creatures, some with stars in their eyes. He is, in fact, known to friends as “the smiling fish” (Pez is fish in Spanish) and his artwork is full of joy and color, a celebration of the school of life. His unofficial slogan reads: “Smiling since 1999.”

El Pez "Happy Fish"

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