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I Walen

"Ziggy Goe to Italy" BUST (2019)

Edition of 120

 26×21×12 cm


"Ziggy Goes To Italy" is a mashup of Michelangelo's masterpiece statue "David" and musician David Bowie. Early in his career, Bowie performed as a number of different characters. Aladdin Sane, a variation of another character named Ziggy Stardust. Aladdin Sane was described by Bowie himself as simply "Ziggy goes to America". The album cover became an instantly iconic visual, mainly due to the payment lighting bolt on David's face. 

Iskander Walen is an established artist whose work has been exhibited in many solo and group shows in Asia, Europe and North America. His paintings and sculptures are often infused with humor, while presenting an original take on societal discrepancies and contradictions. 

I Walen "Ziggy Goes to Italy"

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