“Love”, "Happiness" & Social Disorder 2.0" (2017)

Set of all 3 - 24 pill trays

ALL are Limited edition Sculptures - edition of 100

With C.O.A.... 


All are in original packaging and unopened as shown in photos.


Controversial artist Imbue, known for his dope-smoking Pooh Bear prints and campaign to smuggle fake heroin and cocaine vending machines onto Brighton pier and often referred to as Banksy Of Brighton. He plays, provokes and prods at themes and well-known icons on the current landscape, cue Coca-Cola-come- Virgin Mary mini sculptures, aimed to shift our thinking patterns. He is well known for his subversive art and playing with religious iconography uses iconic crosses filled with pills, a symbol of science, to ask questions about our faith and mortality.

Imbue "


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