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"Drip Remover" (2016)

Framed Vinyl Sticker 

Small square frame in white gold gilt effect.

Exterior size 18cm x 18cm x 3cm / window size 11.5cm x 11.5 cm

(Please be advised that these frames have been handcrafted and any imperfections are intended to add to their character)



Kunstrasen is a German stencil artist who derives his name from the German term for astroturf. In addition to a sly bit of wordplay, kunst = art in german, his chosen moniker is relevant to lots of questions in the art world today, relating to issues of authenticity, mimicry, and mass production.


Kunstrasen’s artwork makes comments which question everyone’s relationship to art, especially within urban and street art genres. His stencil work is clean and well executed and the artist has an instinctive ability to create strong visual puns and eye-catching images.

Kunstrasen "Drip Remover"

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