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"Butt Hurt" Blue Variant (2014)
4-Color Screen Print. Signed & Numbered Edition of 10
18"x 18"


Are you still butt hurt over missing out on something potentially special? Well you can sooth those sore hemorrhoids with this cracking street art replica print. Guaranteed to double in value within 5-6 years (maybe.) You can be 98.9% certain this is not a Bansky.

"Revenge is a dish best served with explosives." - ???


The print was designed to pair with Outis' Love Hurts (pictured here) and was released the same week (of Valentines Day). It a commentary on the current art community's collective reaction to failing to purchase a given print when it initially drops. He was commenting on the (in)famous début print by Outis, a mysterious artist who set the Street Art world aflame with rumours of who he/ she really is...

NOT Banksy...


Sixstringer "Butt Hurt"

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